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About EDUC

EDUC Intercultural Pty Ltd provides education for the children who grow up in the multicultural community to supporting be future leaders of international society of new era. 

To fulfil this aim, we provide a platform for the community to promote the mutual understanding and exchanging between different cultures, as here in Australia we live together with people who have various cultural backgrounds, with great talents which are waiting to be shared. 


Even though the rapid progression towards internationalization have become one of the most important concern for Japanese people, education preparing for the change of society still has a long way to go.  Not only learning the foreign language, but also the communicating with people who have different background, building genuine relationship is utmost importance. The first aim of our education is to present people from Japan and various countries a unique opportunity to exchange what they have each other, leading to true intercultural understanding. 


On the other hand, children who grow up here in Australia, under their parents who are from different countries face difficult situation as they grow up. Their parents positively wish them to keep their mother language, but learning it in profluent level is not easy for them. It is important for them to have suitable environment to learn their mother language at their sensitive period for it.

Considering these circumstances, our another aim is to provide various opportunities to learn Japanese language for children who grow up in Australia, including ones who want to learn it as a second language.  We provide group tuitions, using an educational approach based on Montessori philosophy which supports children's holistic human development.  Montessori's educational method is rapidly becoming well-known in Japan, too, because of the world prominent innovative leaders, who had grown up attending Montessori schools. Here in Australia, there are a certain numbers of Montessori preschools and schools which are highly recognized, and often it is not easy to be enrolled.

Here we provide different opportunity of  Montessori education, in Japanese immersion classes, which will be unique educational center to encourage each children to broaden their possibilities for their future contribution for our society.  


There are also a number of adults who are studying Japanese as their second language.  We also provide group lessons for them to improve their Japanese level to enable to work in Japan if they wish, which will benefit the both countries in the long term.

Intercultural sharing and learning from each other is needed more and more nowadays. We believe that our education will contribute to the further development of our society, in the rapidly globalizing world.

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