Educational Policy

At Chapel Hill Montessori Kodomonoie, we aim to help children in the multicultural society of Australia with their personality growth while learning deeply in Japanese. Based on the Montessori education that is the basis of this educational philosophy, we will spend time in a Japanese-only environment and cherish and foster the following things.


<The Ability to Learn and Grow on their own>

Children are born with great power with full of energy to grow on their own. We adults trust their power in an appropriate environment where freedom is guaranteed, provide the necessary support to build a foundation to form their personality such as the joy of voluntary learning, the sense of responsibility for one's actions and self-discipline.



Children who are filled with their own learning and development will naturally respect and support each other with their friends. As they share ideas with everyone and create a place of life and learning, we will bring up their abilities to carefully think about things to create better things together and to build a warm and deep relationship each other.


<Contribution in a Diverse World>

Children will be aware and learn about the wonder of the diverse world and cultures around them. Through the deep understanding of Japanese language and culture and experiencing the pleasure of learning, we nurture their quality to actively look to the world around them, express and contribute themselves.


<Happy Children>

It is the feeling of self-esteem that they are important and wonderful existence that underlies these policies. We help children cultivate a rich sense of confidence in themselves and an appreciation for people and things that support them. We hope that we can work with your family to help your child grow happily.