Our Classes

Montessori Pre-school Tutoring Class

         (3-5years)    Mon Tue Thu Fri   (9:00-13:30)

         (2years)       Wed & Other days    (9:00-11:30)

Activities based on Montessori educational philosophy.

Learn and get familiar with Japanese and Japanese cultures, experiencing traditional events, by reading, craft work, art and music etc.

After School Tutoring Class     

       (5-12years)       Mon-Thu (15:30-18:00) Sat  (13:00-16:00)

Learning program based on Montessori philosophy.

Study in small groups or individually according to the each child's level, from basic Japanese writing and reading to presentations and discussions in Japanese.

Promote group works to learn about Japanese and other cultures.

Aid the studies of other Japanese school if needed.

Class is run by students through regular meetings and feedbacks.

School Holiday Class

      (2-5 years class & 5-12years class)  (9:00-12:00)

Experience Japanese Montessori environment in School holiday.

School children study in small groups or individually, choosing own assignment to complete during the week and share with others at the end of the class.

International Class


International exchanging class, having students from Japan.

Promote intercultural understanding, through challenging group activities.

Hold workshops for parents to exchange their experiences in each cultural background.

Japanese  Bookshelf

Collection or Japanese books for children and parents, to share with local members.