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Educational Policy

The trend for the globalisation is so rapid, and the progress of technology is changing the world more and more.  In the increase of automated work, the ability which cannot be substituted by robots, such as sensitivity, creativity, leadership, are required as priority.

​The world is becoming smaller and smaller, and children are required to understand and respect different cultures, as well as learning deeply about their own culture. Mutual understanding of different culture and learning from each other are essential for the peaceful, sustainable development of the world.

​We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of the education in early childhood and in following school ages, for the formation of the personality. In this period, they can build the solid foundation for further development, which can lead them to the future active participation in the surroundings.

We provide the education based on Montessori philosophy, which helps children to achieve those essential abilities, by its holistic educational approach. We support each individual child to act for himself, will for himself, think for himself. We help each child to learn by themselves, being aware of their inner needs, in the prepared environment with a family atmosphere. We also provide opportunity to learn in Japanese immersion environment that encourage them to broaden their possibilities for their future contribution.  

​Most importantly, we hope to help each child to live their life in happiness, which comes from fostered self-esteem, and love and care for others.


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